Motor No. 1 Travels to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in Fall 2014

Motor No. 1 traveled to Chama, NM in early October 2014 with a great crew consisting of (in alphabetical order):  Rod Bunyard (Motorman), Rod Holloway (Conductor), Bob Meyer (Motorman), Karl Schaeffer (Motorman) and Chris Weiser (Conductor).  It should be noted that both Rod H and Chris W are qualified Motormen, but do not fit in the cab of M1.  For a detailed description of the trip see the Ridgway Railroad Museum November 2014 Newsletter. Below are a few photos of Motor No. 1 on this trip.

Wolf (Lobato) Creek trestle

Cresco Water Tank

Cascade Trestle

Mud Tunnel

Cumbres Pass Snowsheds

Rio Chama Bridge